CK-12 For Homeschools



This Free K-12th-grade Curriculum includes beautiful diagrams and a sleek interface that makes it easy to find the needed content for each subject. Students will be engaged just browsing the topics that interest them as it flows well and leads them to their interests.

Content is available in 50 languages and includes audio, video, and other multimedia.

Students can create an account by entering their email address and a password, then explore the site, which is divided into Mathematics, Science, English and More.

Mathematics includes subjects from Arithmetic to Calculus.

Science covers Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & Life, Earth, and Physical Science.
The More section offers Engineering, Astronomy, History, Technology, and Health.
Within each subject, you can click on a circle, each of which contains a number of Concepts (short, chapter-like lessons).

Image result for ck12Help is available via webinars, a FAQ list, and other guiding documents.The information is well organized, the site is beautifully designed, and the wealth of content is outstanding.

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