MIT Open Courseware For High School


Highlights for High School is an open educational resource developed by MIT OpenCourseWare that provides free classroom materials for high school educators, students, and parents.

The materials are drawn from several sources including:

  • MIT undergraduate courses
  • MIT faculty who have created course materials specifically for the high school audience
  • MIT outreach programs aimed at high school students

The website is organized into two main sections: Subjects and Exam Preparation. +

The Subjects section is arranged by topics that you are likely to encounter at your high school, such as mathematics, physics, and biology. Within each of these subjects you will find a variety of content, such as labs, courses, and video resources.

The Exam Preparation section is aimed at students who are preparing to take Advanced Placement exams in biology, calculus, chemistry or physics.

These materials are meant to supplement the learning that takes place in the classroom.