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Discovery K12: NOT Common Core

Discovery K12

This Kindergarten through High School Homeschool is often confused with the public school that offers free public education from home.  Discovery K12 is a Free Homeschool that is not affiliated with any public or private school. Discovery K12 is NOT based on common core.

This Free K-12th Homeschool Curriculum was designed by a homeschooling mother as her children aged through the grades. It is now run as a business catering to homeschooling families.

There are updates occurring each month so your children will have options available to take extra-curricular courses and unit studies as the years advance.

There are quite a few links to Wikipedia, so students gain practice looking into sources and deciding which ones have merit. This allows for extensive research practice and essay options.

NOTE: There is an option to buy a parent account to have more monitoring privileges. Currently, it is priced at $50 per year. This price includes ALL students in the