Middle School World History

Middle School World History

Time Traveler – ages 8+

This book covers Medieval Times: The Viking Age, The Roman World, and Ancient Egypt

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Time Traveler is about a boy who travels back to 4 different civilizations–Egyptians, Rome, Knights & Castles, and Vikings–using a time travel contraption that fits over his eyes.

While the boy is in each civilization, he meets a family from that time period.  The chapter on the respective civilization uses the story of that family to introduce the reader to different aspects of that civilization (what their houses looked like, what kind of food they ate, what activities and work the people did, etc.).

This is all done in a narrative format, so the reader is learning facts about, for example, Ancient Egypt while reading Time Traveler. However, it reads so much like an actual book instead of a “dry” textbook that the child will stay engaged and have SO MUCH fun learning simultaneously!