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Nova’s Homespun Spaghettios

Yesterday’s Dinner was Nova’s Homespun Spaghettios.  Nova is my mother. She makes this for my family when we come to visit. My children rejoice when this meal hits the table; My Italian husband, not so much.

Be that as it may, Homespun Spaghettios is a huge favorite of mine, so it gets made quite a bit for lunch around this house. It’s a grown-up version of a childhood favorite. I hope your family enjoys this tasty, frugal, homespun, Americana staple.



1 pound hamburger

3 cans spaghettios

1/4 cup Chopped Onion

1 tbs brown sugar (my Uncle Dick uses this)


Brown hamburger and onion until cooked well


Add Spaghettios (3 cans per pound of hamburger)

Add brown sugar (optional)

Simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally

Serve with butter bread or cornbread.