World History Year by Year grades 4th – 9th

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Presented in a timeline format, this is a visually astonishing excursion through world history from 3.5 million years ago to 2012. The colorful ribbon of time across the middle of each page is branched off with blocks of text and accompanying illustrations (photos of artifacts and events, drawings, and diagrams) to provide a stimulating, browser-friendly design throughout. Most double-page spreads cover a specific-length segment of time, starting at millions of years in prehistoric times, reducing to smaller time spans as history becomes more detailed, and then finally settling in at five years for most spreads from 1910 onward. Special pages highlighting major events—or, in some cases, focusing on the lives of children—are interspersed throughout. The coverage is inclusive, touching upon activities in all parts of the world, though much of the information will require a fairly sophisticated knowledge of history to understand. Although designed for reference, this has the feel of a carefully crafted museum exhibit. Grades 6-9. –Randall Enos

Featuring more than 1,500 images that bring the story of the past to life through a detailed timeline, this visual reference helps children navigate the influences, patterns, and connections between historical events, beginning with prehistory and running up to the Arab Spring.

Budding historians will learn about the history of humans across the world in History Year by Year. Spreads highlight major historical eras including the Renaissance and the French Revolution, while quotations from primary and secondary sources provide further insight and give proper historical context. Kids will love the “child of the time” feature, which details the experience of children during important historical periods, including Ancient Egypt, Viking England, the Industrial Revolution, and World War II.

Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution, History Year by Year is a visual journey throughout time and an invaluable reference for kids who want to connect the dots of history across the globe.