Hoeden At Home LIVE Online Homeschool Co-Op

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Hoeden: verb: To Hold Dear, To Protect

School Colors: Navy & Orange

Mascots: Oliveri & Berry Octopus

Hoeden offers year-round, relaxed, homeschool co-op classes for students in grades Kindergarten through High School in a LIVE virtual “one-room schoolhouse” atmosphere.

Various facilitators hold LIVE virtual classes that can be attended live or watched at the student’s leisure in the archives.

Free Classwork Printables and Homework are often offered, however, they are NOT required.

 YOU Rule Your Homeschool.

We are currently in our “Soft” Launch to work out the kinks before we begin our full schedule on January 7th, 2019.

The first 1,000 families who join our will be grandfathered in at the $5.00 monthly price or $50 annual price!

Thank you for helping us create a FANTASTIC Community!

Welcome To Hoeden at Home! We’re S0 Glad You’re Here!